Writing: Past Joys and Future Hopes

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Burlington and Hamilton rush-hour traffic made for a late return home last Thursday, and so I missed the first fifteen minutes of the writer’s circle meeting in my home town. I waltzed in, apologized and heaved several objects from the bowels of my tote-bag onto the table in time to take my turn in presenting my completed homework assignment.

The assignment: “Choose an object, topic or situation of your own choice. Write about it employing whatever style or genre you wish.” I adopted an anecdotal article style and I invite you to stick around, while I share about the objects and the reading I presented:

They sit, the one on top of the other. These stacks of letter-sized pages, one stack sandwiched between red plastic covers and the other between green, are three-hole-punched and bound with metal straps. Together, they’re quite a hefty tome of four inches thick.

Although my spousal Beloved would like me to shed or shred them I’m not yet ready to let them go. For me, they represent approximately 230 recording sessions at Tillsonburg, Ontario’s CKOT radio station, and about 460 15-minute inspirational programs, and hundreds of hours of preparation, during an almost nine-year period.

The earlier scripts were banged out on my beloved Underwood Five typewriter, until it was laid to rest (i.e. sold for three bucks in a yard sale) when an electronic typewriter came into the office. Eventually, several years later I caught up—somewhat breathlessly—to the computer age, which had more than overtaken me. That advancement is evidenced by the then common dot-matrix printing in the green binder’s latter section. BethlBlssgsScriptsJul15-A

Those stoic stacks and their contents, although hardly consulted for years, represent the past—my past—1985 to ’94. They remind me of people I met at the radio station in those days. There was Doug and the other Doug, and Dave and the other Dave; and also Gerri, Debbie and Joe, as well as Robert and John and their sister, Joan. These occupied various roles, from announcers and DJs and technicians, to copywriter, office staff and business partners. I enjoyed and appreciated each of them.

Another binder—a mere quarter-inch thick—sits on top. It bears the ad hoc title “Raise the Gaze Christmas Collection,” and contains writing samples of original fiction stories and several poems surrounding Christmas and winter.

Although those items were written quite some years ago, they represent the future—hopefully my future. Some of the originals were presented in public readings, while others were printed in Christmas Eve church bulletins, although they’ve never been published in book form; besides, they require reworking and refining.

Perhaps I’m unlikely to be recording or broadcasting on radio again. Even so, I hold on to those program scripts . . . for now, because I may yet have a good look through life’s rear window and flip through the pages to gain fresh inspiration for present and future public endeavours. And, I might also experience some wistful moments, as poignant memories are stirred of enjoyable sessions when, adorned with headphones and a microphone at my face, I chatted with producers through the studio window.

My Christmas Collection WIP (work in progress) may never reach publication; however I have hope, because two hoped-for books already have been brought to birth—since I left those sessions at CKOT behind.

I’m glad I pulled those old binders and their younger, slim companion off the shelf. They remind me that I have a past to recall and a hopeful future to dream and write about and work toward.

That is, as God spares me.

 Thought for Today

Even youth has no guarantees of tomorrow, therefore let us all, whatever our age, raise our gaze and lift up our hearts and live well today.

From Higher Up

. . . you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and vanishes. . . . you ought to say, “If it is the Lord’s will, we will live and do this or that” (from James 4:14-15 NIV).


(An edition of the above article was published in P-Pep! column in The Watford Guide-Advocate.)


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Freelance writer and columnist writing on inspirational themes from a Christian worldview. His latest book, "Raise Your Gaze . . . Mindful Musings of a Grateful Heart" was published in August 2014 by Angel Hope Publishing. It is a collection of 52 of Black's community newspaper articles, sprinkled with brief inspirational statements called Words to Bless. His children's / family book, "Parables from the Pond," is described as mildly educational, inspirationally oriented and character reinforcing. It has been used in a variety of contexts, with a readership from elementary school age children to senior citizens. Occasionally writes inspirational songs. ~Professional Member of The Word Guild (TWG). ~Contributor to The Word Guild authors BlogSpot: http://twgauthors.blogspot.ca/ ~~+~~
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2 Responses to Writing: Past Joys and Future Hopes

  1. Jan Cox says:

    Peter, Have you thought of joining Hope Stream Radio with Ron Hughes? Blessings, Jan


    • Hello Jan, it crossed my mind a while back to check out with Ron what might be involved, but I hadn’t moved on it. For me to take on something else, I’d likely have to let something go. Hmm. I appreciate your raising the matter though.

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