The Building Project (Guest Post by Peter Cusick)

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My friend Peter Cusick generously gave permission for us to reprint an article* he recently posted online. I like his to-the-point writing style and his engaging, inimitable preaching. (Peter is lead pastor of St. Thomas Pentecostal Church (in St. Thomas, Ontario). He writes:

Let’s have a building contest. Kind of like that program on T.V. called, Canada’s Worst Handyman. The object is to build a back yard shed. There is a huge selection of tools to choose from. You can use any of the tools in the room – your choice. However, only I get to use a tape-measure and a carpenter’s square. You must build your shed – using the finest of tools – but nothing to measure with. No ruler, no square, no tape-measure, no level – just your keen eye.

I will suggest a few things that might help you. Since you have nothing to measure with, there are things you could try. [For example]: your feelings. So, if you feel as if a board is too long – simply cut it. If you think a line isn’t straight – change it. Another thing that might help is listening to other people.

If your husband says – “Wow that looks crooked,” Then take his advice – listen to him. Another idea – listen to culture. Culture says that your shed needs to be tall, wide, covered with board and batten. These are three key things that will help build your shed – what you feel, other’s advice, and culture. Don’t be intimidated with the fact that you do not have a measuring tape – you are beyond that. You have other tools.

Now, I . . . may use the same three things you will use – feelings, other’s advice, and MeasuringToolsPCusickSep15culture – but I also have an external standard of measurement. I have a measuring tape. I have a carpenter’s square. So where there is a potential contradiction with what I feel – I put feelings aside and use my tape measure. When my buddy tells me something is crooked – I take my level and adjust according to an external standard of measurement – not my buddy’s eyes.

I’m going to suggest to you that no matter how talented, patient, or capable you are – my shed will look better. And that is not because I am more talented, patient, or capable! It is because I have an external measuring tool. I have an absolute. I have something that is not affected by my feelings, the opinion of others – nor what culture is or is not saying.

Change the game – let’s talk about life. How do you navigate life without an outside – external standard of morality, ethics, spirituality, knowledge, right or wrong? If you have no outside standard all you have are your feelings, opinions of others, and culture. It’s like navigating without a compass – just what you feel. It’s like writing a test without having taken the class. So, what is your external standard – what do you use? And that is something to think about.


It certainly is something to think about.

Our thanks to Peter for permitting our use of this piece. Check out his church site and more of his pithy thought-provoking posts, at

Thought for Today

We need Divine Wisdom for building – not a mere garden shed or an earthly house, but – a LIFE prepared for an eternal home in the presence of God.

From Higher Up

Jesus said: “. . . everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock” (Mat. 7:24-25 NIV).


(An edition of the above article was published in P-Pep! column in The Standard Guide Advocate.)


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2 Responses to The Building Project (Guest Post by Peter Cusick)

  1. Jan Cox says:

    HI Peter,

    That’s a great post. The only problem with posting someone’s post in its entirety is that it will not be searched properly by google. It would be better for both of you that you start it on your blog and give a link to continue to where it was originally posted. IE – To read the whole post please continue to Peter Cusick’s blog.

    I also noted that He Cares For You – is not my blog – do you know that person? My blog/website is (and I changed the name to Growing Through God’s Word) and Sunday Stillness link doesn’t work.

    Thank you if you are trying to head people to my site.

    I did like reading the post and agree whole heartedly.

    Blessings, Jan >

  2. Thanks Janis, you know how non cyber-techie I am, so your helpful hints are appreciated. I have reset the links I’d posted earlier and they all worked for me; hopefully they’re ok now. I also left a comment on Sunday Stillness and enjoyed a listening to a couple of your Hope Stream Radio podcasts. Excellent – great thoughts, very well written and beautifully read. Blessings be multiplied to and through you. ~~+~~

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